Idul Fitri

The month of Ramadan comes to an end,

Days of fasting, prayers and good deeds commend,

The moon is sighted, joyous news spreads,

Idul Fitri comes, a day to break our breads.


Early in the morning, we wear our best,

Gather with family, with love and zest,

Sweets and treats fill the table high,

We hug and kiss, with tears of joy we cry.


Idul Fitri, a time of forgiveness and grace,

A time to mend broken hearts and embrace,

We seek forgiveness from those we have wronged,

And forgive those who have caused us harm.


The air is filled with takbir and salam,

The mosque is packed, the streets are calm,

We pray for peace, for love, for unity,

For blessings and mercy from the Almighty.


Idul Fitri, a day of celebration and cheer,

A day to share love, to spread hope and good cheer,

May this special day bring happiness and delight,

To all Muslims around the world, shining bright.

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