Boundaries of Friendship

Hands outstretched, clasped tightly,

The beginning of friendship, full of joy.

Shoulders learning, sharing stories,

Laughter and jokes decorated the atmosphere.


But remember, oh human,

Friendship is like a beautiful garden.

Its boundaries need to be protected,

So that the buds of love are not hurt.


Open and honest, the primary key,

Communicating with love.

Respect privacy, don't cross the line,

Maintain respect; don't let it be tarnished.


If you disagree, don't argue,

Respecting each other is the best way.

Admonish with love if he goes astray,

Help him rise with a tight hand.


The boundaries of friendship are not a dividing wall,

But a bridge of love, which is even more beautiful.

Strengthening each other in times of sorrow and pain,

Walking together towards happiness.


If boundaries are violated, wounds are created,

Trust fades, and friendship disappears.

Forgive sincerely if your heart is hurt,

Repair the relationship for the sake of the future together.

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